Table 47

A bar owner falls for a married woman with an abusive husband and plans to murder him.  After succeeding, he discovers he’s the victim of an elaborate con…one he may not survive.

Genre: Neo Noir


PETER GRYSZEK owns a restaurant and bar. Peter’s dedication to his customers comes first…just ask his ex-wife.

Peter is seduced by the alluring AMY CAIN, who complains about her wealthy abusive husband, CHRISTOPHER. Peter soon plans to kill Christopher so he and Amy can be together.

Murder is never easy.  With Amy, nothing is as it seems.  Peter becomes the prime suspect in Christopher’s death and now his own life hangs in the balance.


“…there are no wasted scenes in the script. And because the plot fully resolves itself, it doesn’t seem like there are any scenes lacking either. Pacing is vitally important in a thriller. The author has honed this story down to its necessary parts and the end result is a story that really moves.”


Table 47 is the first project to be produced by the company.  The film was shot in Colorado over 19 days in 2013.  Join us on the website,!