Roller Girl

Four ethnically diverse young women discover they can help each other achieve their hopes and desires when they come together to form a roller derby team…if they don’t kill each other first.

Genre: Action/Comedy


RUBY was a strange, rich old lady. Her one addiction in life was Roller Derby and she couldn’t quit even after her death. As four young women who never met but shared in Ruby’s care come together at the reading of her will, they discover they can inherit a large sum of money if and only if they satisfy Ruby’s dying wish: Form a Roller Derby team, beat the meanest team in the league, the Blackhearts, and make it to the national championships in Vegas.

The only problem standing in their way is the leader of the Blackhearts, the BLACK WIDOWER (if Satan was looking for a soul mate, she would be it).

So TRACE ROSE, the gorgeous mail delivery girl who can’t seem to get a legit modeling career in gear, finds herself the unwilling leader of a team of misfits and lost souls who have buried their own dreams in order to just survive.

And as they find themselves growing together as a team and becoming confident as young women, they are one bus ride away from Vegas and inheriting the money. And with the Blackhearts disqualified from the contest for unsportsmanlike behavior, the money is as good as in the bank.

But with personal growth comes that nasty problem of integrity. Did they really fulfill Ruby’s dying wish? After all, they technically never beat the Blackhearts. And when the Blackhearts challenge them to an all night, no rules, no holds barred grudge match, can they accept it and miss the bus to Vegas and the inheritance?


“…chock full of potential and the writers take full advantage of it…the fact that the leads are mostly all women helps set the script apart from the pack. Things move fast and the sport has a pretty good (and violent) hook to it that should definitely attract a young following (a studio and production company’s dream demographic).”

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