Identity Crisis

A New York detective, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, links a series of violent hate crimes to a Nazi doctor who escaped by assuming the identity of one of his Jewish victims and is mysteriously connected to her father.

Genre: Thriller


The setting is 1975 and ALICE SCHUBERT, a young, New York cop is stuck working robbery stake outs with her insensitive partner, PETE RICHARDS, while a flurry of recent synagogue bombings begin to plague New York.

Her father, DR. ROLAND SCHUBERT, a Ravensbruck Concentration Camp survivor and a highly respected member of the community, uses his influence with the mayor to get her assigned to the case.

But the case takes her and her partner on a bizarre trail, ultimately unveiling the mastermind behind the bombings as HANS BAHLOW, an SS Commander at the same Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, who managed to flee Germany just days before the camp’s liberation by killing a Jewish inmate and stealing his identity.

When Alice seeks counsel from her father she encounters a disturbing reluctance to cooperate and subsequently, her police chief gets a call from the mayor removing her from the case.

Alice decides to further pursue the investigation on her own, leading her to the records department of the Anti-Defamation league where SAM STEIN, an elderly survivor himself and guardian of the department, helps her uncover frightening inconsistencies in not only the account of Hans Bahlow but her father as well!

Why won’t her father discuss what happened 30 years ago? Is it simply because it’s too painful, as he says or did his incarceration force him to do things just too shocking to remember? And when Alice breaks into a Neo-Nazi warehouse and discovers her father pointing a gun at Hans, the story ignites into an intense search to find out the truth.
Some say the truth will set you free. But there are times when it is better left hidden.

And as Alice works her way to the bottom of it all, the real question becomes painstakingly clear: How much are we willing to forgive?


‘Identity Crisis’ is a truly dark and engrossing thriller set against a backdrop of Neo Nazis, murder, betrayal and family. The writers create a far-reaching conspiracy and shocking revelation at the script’s halfway point that left the reader truly stunned. The character work is great, the dialogue feels true and authentic and the mystery is involving and satisfying.

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