Fifth Wheel

A high school girl’s only chance of shifting her life out of reverse is to win a testosterone-charged auto racing competition.

Genre: Teen Drama


When you’re conceived in the front seat of a classic’65 Shelby Mustang certain genetic traits are simply too much to overcome. Just ask 18 year old STEPHANIE MEREDITH. She can’t seem to get a break, although she’s an expert at fixing them and anything else on a car. Steph hopes her ability pays off with a scholarship and more if she can rebuild a junker and win a state sponsored high school drag race.

Her dad won the Mustang in a poker game. Then he died. Steph got the car. Her mother, JILL, doesn’t see eye to eye with Steph on money, cars and boyfriends. Sparks fly every time the two see each other.

Stephanie wields a tube of grease far better than a tube of lipstick and she’s ridiculed at school. Despite her auto fix-it skills, she loses out to bad-boy NORM and nice-guy GORDON in making the two person team that will represent the school in the competition.

Stephanie falls for AARON DREW (24). His dog is the only thing in his life. Jill doesn’t like Aaron. Thinks he’s too old and after only one thing.

When Norm gets booted off the team, the shop teacher adds Steph. She and Gordon race against time and dwindling finances to get the car ready. Steph’s friendship with Aaron deepens as does Gordon’s desire for her.

Love and fame await!

Or do they?

Set in the searing arena that is high school life, FIFTH WHEEL is about first loves, hope and opportunity, fitting in and standing out. It’s about who we are and who we want to be. We’ve all been there.


“The author employs a very slick and concise style which helps to make the narrative an absolute pleasure to read.The character work is solid and we find it very easy to become emotionally invested in the young heroine, Stephanie. “Pretty in Pink only she’s obsessed with cars.”
– Screenplay Mechanic

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