Date with Destiny

Two people on separate paths find themselves inextricably drawn together, raising the possibility that destiny is neither predetermined nor random acts of coincidence. Maybe destiny is just the fulfillment of a promise made in a previous life.

Genre: Romantic Drama


SARAH and ZACH are meeting for the first time. Completely by chance. Or so it would seem. Sarah from England and Zach from New York. Mysterious signs and coincidences suggest something else. A plan that is almost beyond reason. Beyond all logic.

With Sarah’s wedding to ADRIAN only days away, she certainly doesn’t have time for over-romanticized theories of destiny and long lost soul mates. But this strange feeling is hard to ignore. The feeling that she and Zach have met before.

And what if they have?

Rewind 30 years to a story of two people who fell in love but ran out of time. Therefore, they promised to meet again…in their next life.

Will Sarah and Zach realize their destiny before it’s too late? Or is history fated to repeat itself?

Is it possible that the unfilled promises we made in our past lives inextricably shape our present lives? What we fail to do will be done the next time around. Unfinished business. Incomplete pieces of a much larger puzzle. Maybe this is what forms our destiny.

Whether it’s “God’s Will,” “Meant to Be” or “Karma,” most people will agree, everything happens for a reason. And as we flashback to the storyline of a possible past-life for our two main characters, we start to explore the thought-provoking question of “what if?” What if this is that so-called ‘reason’ for which everything happens?

Two distant time periods. Two unique stories. One underlying connection…destiny.

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