NBA-MIA written by Jeff Kingery and Michael Brody

After a tumultuous professional basketball career, John Brisker, once considered “the meanest man in basketball,” finds himself working in Uganda as a paid mercenary for a brutal dictator.


Roller Girl written by Jeff Kingery and Michael Brody
Four ethnically diverse young women discover they can help each other achieve their hopes and desires when they come together to form a roller derby team…if they don’t kill each other first.


Fifth Wheel written by Jeff Kingery
A high school girl’s only chance of shifting her life out of reverse is to win a testosterone-charged auto racing competition.


Somniphobia written by Michael Brody
A charismatic man blessed with confidence, good looks and a beautiful wife has just landed the perfect job. But unfamiliar flashbacks and unusually bizarre nightmares cause his perfect world to crumble.


Date with Destiny written by Michael Brody
Two people on separate paths find themselves inextricably drawn together, raising the possibility that destiny is neither predetermined nor random acts of coincidence. Maybe destiny is just the fulfillment of a promise made in a previous life.


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